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Product Identification Solutions

Ensure 100% identification

With the widest range product identification technologies, we have the right solution for you

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Packaging Execution

Zetes Pallet labelling for Coca-Cola in Belgium

The foundation of innovative and collaborative supply chain starts with robust product identification and serialisation with ZetesAtlas along the packaging lines.

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Logistics Execution

Zetes Voice picking at Système U in France

With ZetesMedea, we can help maximise the operational efficiency of your warehouse processes, from Goods-In to the Dock Door.

Proof of Delivery

Zetes Traceability at An Post in Ireland

ZetesChronos provides maximum real-time visibility on goods movement and field worker activity for your customers' benefit.

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Direct Store Delivery

Retail Scanning solutions

ZetesAres enables consumer goods suppliers to use Direct Store Delivery (“DSD”) processes, and guarantee that their products are in stock, on the shelf, in the right mix, correctly priced and displayed.

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In-Store execution

Retail Scanning solutions

Real-time inventory is a key area where ZetesAthena helps solve shrinkage, walkaways, incomplete inventory, and staff productivity issues.

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Track & Trace

Ensure 100% traceability

Keep track of goods as they move through the supply chain, while managing processes efficiently.

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- the supply chain processes we optimise
- the vertical markets we serve

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