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Solid track record spanning three decades

In the 25+ years since the company was founded, Zetes has established itself as a stable innovator in an industry, which is bound to grow and discover new applications, as the world industrialises further and processes are continuously automated. We possess the organisational structure, problem-solving approach and vision for growth, which will allow us to stay ahead of changing economic conditions, productivity demands and technologies.

A stable partner

Partnering with Zetes and benefiting from our long-term strategy is a sensible decision, if you are looking for reliability and resilience in a competitive, profitable and growing business. Over the past few years, despite the economic downturn, Zetes has maintained a steady flow of new business, while continuing to grow through existing customers and long-term projects.

Interested in investing?

For detailed information on Zetes’ key financial performance indicators, take a look at our annual reports and review the corporate investor relations section.


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