• Laser Barcode Scanners: The laser barcode scanner offers the fastest read performance in embedded compact barcode scanners. The wide scan angle of 70 degrees is coupled with ultra-compact size and flexible mounting. High performance and flexibility make the MS-3 the optimal choice for reliable reading in embedded instruments.
  • 2D Barcode Scanners (Including DPM): The HawkEye 1500 Series are high performance fixed-mount direct part mark (DPM) readers in a user-friendly smart camera format. The simple interface, advanced programming controls, and optional built-in symbol quality verification make the HawkEye 1500 a flexible and powerful series of readers. Whether reading printed labels or a challenging low contrast DPM, the HawkEye 1500 Series provide cost-effective reliable reading solutions.

About Microscan

Microscan has achieved worldwide recognition as an innovative developer of hands-free automated bar code scanners and decoders for automated systems.

Founded in 1982, Microscan was the first company to successfully integrate a laser diode into a scanner enabling the company to become a leader in the ever expanding field of miniaturised high-speed fixed-mount bar code scanning.

Microscan has continued to excel in other areas as well, developing a complete array of scanning products for a diverse base of industrial users. These include automated document handling, electronic manufacturing, clinical diagnostic analysers, automated tape libraries, and quality/process control tracking applications. Today, with the introduction of the first fully integrated 2D code reader, the "Quadrus", Microscan continues its leadership role in advancing the state of the art in the bar code industry.

Visit www.microscan.com for more information.

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