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The close cooperation between Zetes CardS (Card Services) and Zetes PASS (Personal Authentication & Security Services) is of great value if you require both smart cards and secure applications from a single provider. With a comprehensive range of equipment and know-how, Zetes can meet your needs in a number of sectors, including government & public services, banking & insurance, transport & logistics, telecom, healthcare, and retail.

The Zetes CardS division produces a wide range of smartcards:

  • Electronic identity cards
  • Voter cards
  • Payment and bank cards
  • Commercial cards, including club member and loyalty cards
  • We also offer smartcard readers that can supplement your solution, if needed.  

Complete value chain for secure ID documents

Zetes CardS offers a complete value chain for a wide range of smartcards and secure ID documents. This value chain includes the data capture, printing, manufacturing, visual and electronic personalisation, as well as the logistics services such as a mailing system, complete fulfillment, secure distribution and secure extranet for production tracking. Stringent and secure production standards

Stringent and secure production standards

Zetes CardS' secure production operation meets the most demanding standards regarding quality and security and works around the clock to meet strict deadlines.

Zetes CardS has received the ISO27001 certification for the production of eID and eTravel documents (passports, visas, etc.). It is one of the first companies to be able to offer such guarantees for the production of electronic identity documents.


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Ronny Depoortere

Ronny Depoortere

 Senior VP, PASS Division

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