Development, Implementation & Training

As a part of our complete solution approach, Zetes provides a wide range of development, implementation and training services to assist customers with the successful introduction, implementation and utilisation of the solutions we build.

As a Zetes customer, you have access to the following services before or after your solution implementation:

Development Services

 Zetes’ development services include terminal and server software development and testing, custom hardware development and hardware pre-integration testing (prototyping). Prototyping services consist of equipment configuration setup, evaluation of the prototype system and customer acceptance of the prototype, followed by the installation phase.

Implementation Services

Zetes’ implementation services include the software integration of terminal and server applications to host systems, such as warehouse management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, government service systems (national registries, healthcare services, etc).

Training Services

Zetes offers a full range of customized educational activities to end users or trainers. Examples include terminal and server application on-site training, hardware on-site training, and seminars covering supply chain optimization and people identification topics.


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