MobileEdge III

MobileEdge III – Value Proposition

MobileEdge is a supply chain task management and execution suite, which allows organisations to streamline and mobilise key supply chain tasks and gives them complete visibility into - and control over - key business processes within the warehouse.

The software fills the gap between the execution of a supply chain task and the capture of the related data by allowing employees on the factory or warehouse floor to access up-to-the-minute business information on the floor and to update back-office systems in real-time as they carry out their work.

MobileEdge III – What is it?

  • Enhancing & working with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Inventory Management (IM) and Warehouse Management (WM) systems without replacing
  • Configurable interface, ready to implement with standard connectors to common open systems
  • Provides mobile business intelligence for business processes
  • Enabling workforce optimisation through effective execution of workload
  • Ensuring the right person & equipment is requested to perform the right task, on time
  • End-to-end solution  for Task Management & Execution

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