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Zetes Media Division supplies a range of direct thermal and thermal transfe self-adhesive labels to support a wide range of bar code printers. Zetes also produces Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) labels under license to leading global brands, ensuring total printer compatibility, maximum performance and optimal quality.

Zetes has currently over 200 dies to choose from, providing customers with a large selection of label sizes. The die-cut labels are supplied in rolls or sheets, enabling them to be used in any direct thermal/thermal transfer, inkjet or laser printer. The labels are die-cut to allow them to be made into any size or shape to suit specific applications.

Zetes also converts various types of label materials, namely thermal transfer, direct thermal, all synthetic materials and tags suitable for any application ranging from short life thermal labels to high temperature long life  synthetic labels. Various adhesive qualities are available, depending on the application required.

Labels differ in material and adhesives, so they can be used in a variety  of different applications. Labels are available as blank, or are pre-printed using up to 8 colours. High quality coloured printed labels include pre-printed colour coating, colour borders, colour patterns, and company logos and graphics and are all available in a UV finish if required.

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