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Turn your warehouse operations into a competitive advantage

Warehouse operations are cost- and labour-intensive and have an important impact on your supply chain. With the right Auto-ID solution, however, you can turn them into a competitive advantage. If you need to improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency, Zetes can help you streamline your warehouse operations from the receipt of supplies at the dock door, to the shipment of goods to the customer.

Have you had enough of low customer confidence and reduced margins due to incorrect shipments?

Then you may also want to avoid:

  • Waste of time and money by unnecessary movement of goods
  • Reduced productivity through inefficient labour management
  • Bad management decisions due to limited data visibility
  • Bottlenecks due to stock inaccuracy

Increase your efficiency and data accuracy by:

  • Providing accurate, real time inventory data on request
  • Ensuring efficient execution of operations
  • Optimal use of resources in labour intensive operations

Solutions at a glance

Turn receiving and marshaling into trivial warehouse operations

Speed up the inventory receipt and put-away process from the dock to the right stock locations and facilitate subsequent order picking processes.

Order preparation

Increase accuracy and productivity while managing labour resources better with (voice)picking, cross-docking, pick and pack, pick to tote.

Product labelling

Traceability starts with accurate identification. Zetes’ industrial marking and labelling solutions ensure optimal results in high-speed environments.

Shipping verification

Reduce lead times and avoid costly claims and returns due to 100% accurate shipments with Visidot. Automatic verification or manual scanning? We help you pick the right fit.

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