Improved sales and customer account management at Krispy Kreme

  • Client:
    Krispy Kreme
  • Industry:
    Food & Beverages
  • Process:
    Direct-store delivery

Business Overview:

  • Daily deliveries of fresh products to 700+ locations
  • Operates a demand forecasting model of business based on previous sales/returns
  • 57 vehicles delivering daily throughout the UK

Supply Chain Challenges:

  • Poor demand forecasting due to no on-shelf visibility of stock
  • Rigid, sales-driven replenishment model
  • No proof of delivery to locations available
  • Unscheduled deliveries creating challenges

Solution Delivered

  • 57 Intermec CN51 devices
  • ZetesAres Direct Store Delivery Software
  • Fully Managed Service

Solution Benefits:

  • Equip field-based workers with a mobile device that can capture real-time information
  • Proof of Delivery at over 700 locations daily
  • Returned products are logged in real-time allowing accurate forecasting for future deliveries, minimising waste and lowering costs
  • Flexibility to deliver anywhere in the UK and make unscheduled deliveries when required
  • Saas solution with minimal impact to IT resources and capital expenditure

Our investment in ZetesAres will ensure stock management and replenishment is completed efficiently in real-time, allowing us to scale operations quickly as the number of our sales outlets continues to expand. By opting for a fully managed service, Krispy Kreme has immediate access to an advanced supply chain technology infrastructure to help increase revenues, with minimal impact on our existing IT resources and capital expenditure.

Nicola Fisher, Systems Manager at Krispy Kreme.