Why manage mobile stores and payments separately?

You manage mobile Point of Sales of Proof of Delivery processes and want to link your payment system to it ? It is possible with the Zetes Payment Gateway, a European certified PaaS solution for mobile payment.

It’s easier than ever for shoppers to compare products and prices before buying. Added to this, consumers expect flexibility in terms of where and when they pay – two trends fuelled by the number of mobile devices, tablets and smartphones in use. This is creating new services and payment forms because offering the right payment option at the right time helps achieve competitive advantage. Also important is the speed and convenience with which payments are processed. Zetes has responded to this with Payment Gateway: the first Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution designed for mobile payments. Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen, VP Innovation Centre at Zetes, explains.

What is Zetes Payment Gateway?

Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen : Zetes Payment Gateway is a PaaS solution which facilitates credit and debit payments via mobile terminals and/or tablets. It works on rugged mobile terminals with integrated PIN pads and on tablets with a separate PIN pad/printer, applications where both payment and application run on a single device.

What makes this special?

Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen : Firstly its European certification, which ensures the mobile payment solution can be used in every country, thus delivering a big cost saving on transaction bundling. Of course, no one can develop a European certified payment solution in isolation. Zetes is working closely with Evry Card Services and top international banks. Payment Gateway is already certified for Visa (V-Pay), MasterCard (Maestro) and American Express will follow.

Besides lower transaction costs, the solution also offers transparent reporting, since payment and transaction are linked within one application. This means better monitoring and simpler administration. Payment Gateway is a complete PaaS solution so all security updates, new certificates and other IT issues are centralised and customers don’t have to perform solution maintenance themselves.

Which transactions are supported?

Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen : Zetes Payment Gateway facilitates secure mobile payment and processes all payments with payment cards (credit and debit cards), loyalty programme cards, telephone (NFC) and internet payments.

What markets and applications will be big adopters?

Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen : In the transport and logistics sector, Proof of Delivery is important, particularly for high-end products. With Zetes Payment Gateway, it’s possible to register delivery plus sell additional services and settle payment on the spot. This makes it easy to respond to customer requirements, return packages or issue refunds. It also provides detailed information on debit and credit transactions through administrative reporting.

In the retail sector - in-store and outdoor - mobile payment allows you to grab impulse sales opportunities and helps to increase capacity at peak times with mobile Point Of Sale (POS) units for Queue Busting. This is useful not just in shops, but outside, for example at order pick-up locations, for payments in garden centres and selling at events.

What does the future hold?

Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen : The number of conceivable applications for mobile payments is already huge and will increase in coming years. Possibilities include mobile shops, donation campaigns for charities, deliveries to restaurants and the supply of products and services into homes.

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