Boost your Sales and lower field operating costs

ZetesAres provides a comprehensive solution for customer management through the orders, sales, deliveries, asset management and field service. It allows empowering field based workers to better manage their customer relationships through real time access to critical data.


Improve the Sales cycle and reduce operating expenses

ZetesAres enables Consumer Goods suppliers to use Direct Store Delivery (“DSD”) processes, in order to guarantee that their products are properly transported, in stock, on the shelf, in the right mix, correctly priced and displayed. Suppliers use their own DSD operations because they cannot rely upon the retailers’ staff to restock their product in a timely manner, nor merchandise it well enough. Suppliers also may have concerns with the transportation and handling of their product, particularly if it is frozen or perishable (short shelf life).

Because through well-managed Direct Store delivery processes, ZetesAres provides a strategic tool to sell more, gives the chance to a company to better meet their customer needs, better know their consumers, better promote their goods on their customers and ultimately, increase their sales.

Presale Ares

Rapid deployment, faster results and no hidden costs

ZetesAres is a fully managed “DSD” solution which empowers field based workers to better manage their customer relationships through real time access to critical data. The major benefits of the solution are:

  • Higher customer satisfaction Increase your revenue, reduce operating costs
  • More efficient and effective sales processes
  • Optimise Cash to Cash Cycle
  • Better manage Accounts Receivables

Turn your Direct Store deliveries into Strategic Advantage

Zetes Ares uses leading-edge development technologies for open system architecture, capable of modularly adapting to changing business processes. It enables conformance to the myriad of local country legislative requirements - including language, tax, fiscal controls, currency, rounding calculations and over thirty other key variables. ZetesAres is a world-class business solution designed and proven to help suppliers to:

  • Make the mobile workforce time more profitable: Optimizations for field-worker work-flow in-store inventory, in-channel inventory, reduce over-stocking, reduce stock-outs, and timely marketing information
  • Improve the quality of the customer service by eliminating errors
  • Allow spending time for high value customers and visit more customers by eliminating unnecessary paperwork on the route
  • Reduce operating expenses by eliminating the back office administrative work. Benefit from costs reductions in sales & distribution, in back office consolidation, in stock transactions tracking, in accounts receivable, in data-entry and auditing
  • Enforce the sales strategy by giving continuous and accurate business data to management, as well as provide support to decisions and planning with better, precise forecasts