In-store Execution - ZetesAthena

Excellent execution of store operations is the key to competitive differentiation in the cross-channel shopping experience.  Today’s ‘buy anywhere, return anywhere’ environment demands that you are able to adapt and optimise in-store processes to deliver an agile, consistent customer service.... more

Logistics Execution - ZetesMedea

Ensure the Perfect Order The complexities of an extended supply chain make the odds against fulfilling a perfect order overwhelming. Your warehouse processes are playing a key role in this. The ZetesMedea logistics execution solution helps you optimise the logistics processes between the four... more

Packaging Execution - ZetesAtlas

Imagine you could manage, secure and control your packaging process in such a way that: You configure your lines and launch your PO from a unique interface You increase your productivity while answering regulatory requirements You can easily manage products serialization to limit... more

On the road - ZetesChronos

Ensure the Perfect Delivery To achieve excellence in transportation and delivery every time, you must not only ensure speed of delivery and receipt of shipments in optimal conditions. You also need to provide further information and offer more options and services to your customers. The... more

Direct Store Delivery - ZetesAres

ZetesAres provides a comprehensive solution for customer management through the orders, sales, deliveries, asset management and field service. It allows empowering field based workers to better manage their customer relationships through real time access to critical data.

Track & Trace - ZetesOlympus

ZetesOlympus is the central component of the Zetes Collaborative Supply Chain. It acts as a unified Data Event Execution Platform (DEEP) and can be interfaced with different information sources, both internal and external to the company, to know at any time, concerning a unique ID, what has taken... more