A standard but flexible approach to mobile ePOD


Connecting stakeholders at every stage

  • ZetesChronos is a Proof of Delivery mobility (ePOD) solution that extends the TMS, ERP or WMS to the operational field.
  • Using mobile computers, drivers are guided throughout process execution and register all events during pick-up and delivery
  • Information is communicated in real-time with the host system and back-office
  • Track & trace and reporting modules provide insights for customers and management
Unique approach

How is it different from other solutions?

Monolithic ePOD solutions promise out-of-the-box, standard functionality and short implementation times. Custom built ePOD solutions are adapted to your needs, but are not future-proof and lengthy to implement. ZetesChronos offers you the best of both worlds: a rock-solid standard foundation of proven functionality, topped by a flexible layer that allows for quick business process adaptations responding to your market needs, today and tomorrow


Mobile Front-End: z-TaskRunner

  • Secure : Drivers are guided step by step through the process execution
  • Flexible: actions can vary per stop (delivery, pick-up, returnable asset registration, take a picture, cash on delivery, survey, digital signature, …)
  • Efficient: Per stop, only relevant actions are shown



Back-end : z-Commander

  • Monitor all events and statuses in real-time
  • (Re-)assign vehicles and drivers flexibly
  • Complete track & trace and reporting modules for better business insights


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