Cold Chain Management

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Cut down product waste through efficient cold chain management

Temperature-sensitive goods, such as food and pharmaceutical products, need special handling along the supply chain. By using the appropriate technology, you

  • avoid faulty deliveries
  • reduce temperature fluctuations
  • improve or recalculate your fresh food’s shelf life
  • cut down product waste
  • maintain your profit margins

The consumers’ health at the heart of the supply chain

Regulations are becoming ever stricter in the food and pharma industries. The quality of the goods sold to the end consumer is crucial so it is essential to store and transport them at correct temperature. How can you monitor that and which technology can you use in extreme conditions?

Voice in -25° warehouses

Zetes can provide you with auto-ID solutions are specifically designed to work under extremely cold conditions using adapted equipment. Using auto-ID to manage your cold chain offers benefits such as:

  • Voice technology not only increases productivity and picking accuracy in ambient and frozen environments, but it also reduces time-to-market.
  • With RFID sensor tags, you can keep your goods’ temperature under control at any time.

Discover how others have optimised their cold chain in our reference section.

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