Shipping Verification / Track & Trace

Eliminate shipping errors, avoid costly claims and returns

Are you facing one of these challenges:

  • Lack of visibility of incoming shipments
  • Costly claims and returns due to inaccurate shipments
  • Difficulty with multiple asset tracking (returnable plastic crates or totes)
  • Difficulty retrieving shipping order information and control of the actual contents of the pallets to be shipped
  • Strict regulations in terms of traceability
  • Sharp delivery deadlines?

Zetes’ automated solutions help you to efficiently track shipments and confirm receipts. We offer both RF, RFID-based and vision-based shipment verification solutions that help you solve these issues, without making a compromise in terms of timing or cost.

RFID-based shipment verification

In certain circumstances, for instance, when no direct line of sight is available, RFID-based shipping verification can yield the most benefits. Our solution integrates RFID gates, readers and tags from leading manufacturers to ensure 100% accuracy for your shipments.

Vision-based shipment verification

With Zetes’ Visidot solution, you can analyse and detect hundreds of barcodes in mere seconds, based on a picture taken by industrial cameras. Real-time alerts indicate missing labels and discrepancies and enable corrective action before the pallet is sealed. Pictures give you visual proof of the shipment and its condition.

Solid integration with WMS and ERP systems

Shipping verification is becoming increasingly ERP/WMS-oriented. Zetes’ solutions ensure seamless integration with various ERP and WMS systems, enabling you to easily retrieve order information from back-end systems and compare it to the actual contents of a pallet that is to be shipped. We also offer an easy interface to conveyors, shrink-wrap machines and printer applicators.

Achieve accurate shipments

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