Accuracy and agility across your supply chain

Just-in-time deliveries to the assembly line are key. So are fast deliveries to wholesalers or end customers. Ensure quality in your operations whilst operating at a competitive speed, with our solutions for the automotive industry


Mark identify and serialsie

Mark, identify and serialise automotive spare parts

  • Identify component items, cartons, boxes and pallets throughout your packaging line in the most demanding and complex environments
  • Establish a complete chain of custody, with data-aggregation from component to pallet
  • Track & trace product and events, enabling efficient recalls if and when needed

How ZetesAtlas can help you

ensure timely order

Ensure timely order fulfilment

  • Deliver components just-in-time  to the assembly line through optimised inventory management
  • Ensure efficiency and traceability in your order picking, kitting and shipping operations
  • Reduce lead times and avoid costly claims and returns through 100% shipping accuracy

How ZetesMedea can help you

deliver on time

Deliver on time, in full

  • Guarantee accurate, fast deliveries throughout the day
  • Enable last minute pick-ups and deliveries
  • Provide visual proof of delivery and evidence of condition

How ZetesChronos can help you


End-to-end traceability across your supply chain

  • Track any object to any level, track any business event at any stage
  • Aggregate data from different sources of information in one data-repository
  • Share information in a collaborative way with all stakeholders

How ZetesOlympus can help you

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